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Company name: AYY Limited

Established: March 2001
Address: 23 Idris Road, Fendalton,

Christchurch 8052, New Zealand

Director: Akira Yoshikane





When you have great business ambitions in NZ, exporting your products or services to Japan can be a natural next step.

But that doesn’t mean it comes naturally. Growing your business in Japan can be tough, and getting the right support at the right time can make all the difference.

AYY is here to help.

We endeavor to be an agent of cross-cultural business practice between New Zealand and Japan in order to deliver successful results. 

What we are good at: 

AYY is business support provider specializing in the Japan market.

What we do:

- Create Sales & Marketing plan

- Finding the right prospects and making personal contacts

- Helping understand and overcome business cultural differences

AYY will initiate and expand your business in Japan by become sales and marketing interface between you and your customer. Penetrating the Japanese market is very difficult for many New Zealand companies due to business and cultural differences. We can co-create winning business plan to overcome these obstacles.

It is very important to get a foothold in the Japanese market in order to expand your business throughout other Asian countries. The Japanese market serves as the trendsetting place for many Asian countries including China, Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia.





Market research inquiry from a Tea company



Market research inquiry from a Juice company



Event support in Japan for a Honey Product Manufacture



Event support in Japan for a Honey Product Manufacture



Event support in Japan for a Honey Company



Inquiry from an aroma product company



Inquiry from a winery



Inquiry from an agricultural system company


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